When I love something, I tend to buy it in multiples and Everlane‘s new Linen tees – above in scoop and V-necks – are no exception.

“But what’s so great about linen?” you might be thinking. Actually, quite a few things are pretty great about linen.

  1. It’s light and cool for summer.
  2. It has a certain sheerness, even in dark colours like navy. While not for everyone, I like that it adds an element of sex appeal to an otherwise thoroughly low maintenance piece of clothing.
  3. It drapes beautifully and dresses up more easily than cotton.

A word of warning, though, as I had a Calypso linen tee shrink dramatically on me last year – avoid machine drying linen at all costs, and if you have some spare time on your hands, I’d even suggest hand-washing. I like The Laundress Delicate Wash; simply soak and dry flat on a towel to avoid distortion of the linen.

Everlane’s Linen tees are $28-35 each. Shop the collection here.

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