Looking to spice up your look this spring? Slide those freshly pedicured toes into a pair of peep toe flats. This style is rapidly picking up steam and while certain silhouettes offer a certain grandmama chic, others are pure sex minx. Take for example, the Nine West Rebekah :

Depending on color and fabric chosen, the image projected is dramatically different.

I went with patent red leather, a fabulously sexy delight. I freely admit that they are not the most comfortable shoe (truth be told, it’s rather flat and the quality of Nine West leather is occasionally suspect). Yet, I’m still inexplicably delighted each time I look down and see shiny, cherry red goodness. Candy for my feet! ($75, www.ninewest.com)

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  1. OMG!!! you were made for this…can you give your forcasting knowledge for skirt lengths this Spring…How high do I really ned to shave???

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