Despite what must be thousands of reviews online, Color Oops is a product that somehow escaped my sphere of awareness until yesterday. Last weekend, you see, I saw my colorist (I call her mine, but let’s be honest, I’m never too committed to a stylist or a colorist) for a fall refresh and left the salon feeling mildly assaulted. After asking for chocolately, espresso hair, I left O&M with, instead, nearly black hair – cool-toned and desperately gothic against my naturally fair skin.

Traumatized is not the word. I tried stripping my hair with Dawn dishwashing liquid, twice, and while it did remove dye, the impact was negligible. So, I swung by the hair color aisle of my local Duane Reade last night, where I saw two color-removing products that piqued my interest, one from L’Oreal Paris and one from a brand I’ve never heard of in my life, even after 10+ years of blogging about fashion and beauty; that’s Color Oops.

Approximately $15 later, I left Duane Reade and headed home to more fully digest reviews of Color Oops. Truth be told, I was absolutely a bit nervous to use it, but I also purchased another at-home colour product, assuming I could re-dye over any disaster that might come to be.

But disaster was not ahead. I followed the instructions for Color Oops religiously and soaked my head in the runny, smelly formula, then covered with a plastic cap (included) and a thick towel to help retain heat. About 20 minutes of processing later, I stepped into the shower to shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse and repeat yet again. Rinsing is the key part of the process, as the Color Oops formula opens the hair cuticle and rinsing allows the color molecules to exit.

I let my hair air dry almost entirely before looking in the mirror and when I did…I was THRILLED. In all of my days of blogging and testing products, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so shocked by results. Every ounce of black dye was stripped from my hair, with just a slight hint of red brassiness at the root – something I’m always prone too, even without taking into account this week’s overprocessing. I deep conditioned over night, and my hair feels healthier than it did BEFORE the Color Oops treatment, if that’s possible.

post-Color Oops. Yay!




Miraculous is not a word I use lightly, but it’s an adjective that describes Color Oops quite aptly.  Find Color Oops in the hair color aisle of your local drugstore or online at Amazon!

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