Meditation is having, shall we say, a moment. Among my friend circle in New York, things began bubbling a few years ago, with one seeing a private instructor, and others downloading apps like Headspace and Calm. Whatever their chosen delivery mechanism, they were all seeking the same things – less stress, increased focus, essentially a path to find a quieter place in the midst of the chaos that is this city.

Enter MNDFL. Opened in late 2015, MNDFL is New York’s first meditation studio, and here the ancient practice gets the boutique fitness treatment. 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions of guided meditation allow you to focus on different tracks, different desired outcomes – for example, MNDFL Sleep or MNDFL Heart – while a variety of very experienced teachers ensure you can find a personality fit. The space is spare, serene and, yes, a little bit hip. What impresses me most, though, is the heightened sense of community. The energy at MNDFL is open and friendly; questions and conversation are encouraged.

I’ve taken just three classes at the studio after dabbling with app-guided meditation programs, and found the guidance of and accountability to an instructor an important factor in my ability to focus. And while I can’t say yet that meditation has changed my life, I feel committed to exploring this path, and that, in itself, is a step.

Your first class at MNDFL is just $10, and unlimited classes for your first month, just $50. Learn more or book your cushion at

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