It’s official – we made it through 2016 and the New Year is upon us! I took some time off between Christmas and the New Year and soaked in as much New York culture and relaxation as possible. I also spent some time, as we all likely did, reflecting on the past year (it’s been a mixed bag in so many ways) – what’s working for me, and what I want from my life in the next few years. In the past couple, I’ve learned that more modest intentions and shifts in behavior are most impactful for me, and that making myself accountable to those resolutions by sharing them publicly – here! –  helps.

So, here we go…my intentions for 2017:

  • Focus on developing and nurturing deeper, more qualitative relationships – the internet is overrated and I am continually reminded that connections aren’t built on Instagram likes and late night snaps.
  • Seek challenge – both personally and professionally. I feel most myself when I’m uncomfortable. Let’s get back to that.
  • Buy less and save more. Related: Buy a home before my next big milestone birthday. I’ve spent the past couple of years shedding unnecessary and unwanted THINGS from my past life as a blogger and v. conspicuous consumer – what a wild waste of my time and energy! (Not to mention money.) I’ll never be a minimalist but living with fewer, more exceptional and loved things will always be the goal.
  • Eat more vegetarian meals, and buy food locally where possible. Have you read or seen Michael Pollan’s Cooked? All of his writing has essentially changed my way of thinking about food and (needless to say) eating food. I binged the four episode Netflix series on a recent flight and was reminded of how important it is to buy food – meat, dairy and produce – from local producers and in season.  I want to support small farmers so that I can feel good about the food decisions I’m making.

And…that’s all! My focuses for 2017.  Let’s see how I do.

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